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My Simple Process To Find Red Hot Leads on LinkedIn 🔥

Feed your funnel and win new business for free.

Hello to all 5,079 of you 👋

In this week's newsletter:

We share our simple LinkedIn prospecting strategy

Recap June’s newsletters in the wrap-up

And celebrate this month's VAMO member of the month

It’s a 10-minute read. We hope you find it useful.

Hey, it’s Mike. 

I want to share with you, a simple process that I use every week to generate new leads for our creative studio. 

It’s free and takes minutes a week to complete. 

Last week it helped us close 6k in new business. 

Here’s how to do it 👇

Step 1

Go to your LinkedIn search bar. 

Type in a keyword or phrase linked to what you’d like to sell more of. 

For example, when I’m prospecting for IAM Productions, I’ll search for the terms ‘animated explainer’ and ‘video explainer’.

Step 2 

Click ‘posts’ in the nav bar. 

This will display all the recent posts on LinkedIn that include the searched term.  

Step 3 

Filter the posts by ‘date posted’. 

I typically select ‘past week’ so I’m presented with the posts that include my target phrase, from the previous 7 days.

Step 4

You’ll likely come across competitors posting content using those keywords. 

Don’t be put off. 

If you’ve read my waffle house strategy newsletter this is a great place to put it to work. 

Waffle house, in a nutshell, is where you strategically follow people in your niche and comment on their posts to grow your own audience. 

Full breakdown here

It works. Mark, and others in the Slack group, have been sharing their wins. 

Step 5 

Now focus on the people who are looking for the product or service you sell. 

Like this example:

Step 6 

Now it’s time to pitch with a comment. 

Make it clear what you offer, and why they should be interested. Like this: 

I typically recommend Ian Darlington, then tag the business page for IAM

I also ask the rest of the team to connect or follow the person so we collectively grow the IAM network. 

Summary ⚡

Trust me. It might sound basic. But it works. 

I fill up our pipeline of leads every week by following this simple prospecting strategy. 

If you have a sales team, set a new task for one or two of them to follow this process. Twice weekly, and track results.  

If you’re a solopreneur or don’t have a sales team yet. Block some time in your diary twice weekly (this will stop you from putting it off or forgetting). 

It’s a process that takes 5-10 minutes a day. 

Done right. Consistently. You’ll win new business. 

When you do, make sure to reinvest some of that cash into paid VAMO subscription so you can get tips like this every week.

Homework 📚

This week, I’d like you to first identify the keyword(s) that are relevant to the stuff you sell. 

Then I’d like you to give the process a go:

Search for your keywords on LinkedIn. 

Filter by the past 7 days. 

Add your waffle house comments on competitor posts. 

Pitch your services in the comments on relevant posts. 

Connect with people actively looking to buy your product or services. 

Try it for a week. 

Don’t be put off if you don’t see an immediate return. 

Prospecting is hard, often soul-destroying, work. But when you get one or two new leads converting, you’ll get hooked!

The Wrap Up 

In case you missed it here’s what we’ve been up to throughout June. 

Pricing Strategies That Keep You Growing 🚀

With most of us feeling the financial squeeze, the VAMO team wanted to share some advice and strategies so you can confidently raise your prices.

Robin Waite (Founder of Fearless Business) and business owner Jon Stone shared 3 simple tips with our private community. 

We gave them a go, and it gave us the confidence to increase prices from £2499 to £2999 for one of our IAM Productions products. 

And it hasn’t slowed sales down one bit.

Full article here

Billboards on a Budget 💸

Dan is a big advocate of alternative marketing. 

In his June newsletter, he encouraged smaller brands and businesses (previously too scared to try it) to give it a go. 

He also shared a tool he uses to run big city-wide billboard campaigns, without breaking the bank.

Full article here

Too Old For TikTok? 👴👵

The final newsletter of the month was for anyone curious about marketing on TikTok but hasn’t got a clue where to start. 

We spoke to two experts on how anyone can start on the platform and the VAMO team shared the results of our own TikTok experiment (including a handy template for maximising UI on the platform). 

Full article here

All of our VAMO newsletters come with a coaching video 🎥

Meaning you can consume the tips and strategies we share by: 

  • 📺 Watching 

  • 📚 Reading 

  • 🎧 Or Listening 

If you’ve not already, don’t forget to subscribe for £150 for the year.

Member of the month 😍

Business can be tough. 

So, when a member of the VAMO community has a win, it’s important that we celebrate it. 

The accomplishments don’t have to be large or grandiose. They just have to mean something to us. 

With that in mind, we wanted to give a shout-out to VAMO member, Mark Simpson. 

Mark has had a really good year. 

We’ve been tracking Mark’s progress following a 1-2-1 session with Mike & Ian, 

And he’s recently hit $1m in direct sales. 

The VAMO team is proud of your achievements, Mark 👏

Check out Mark’s profile here.

We can’t wait to see how his story progresses. 


Mark very nearly lost his crown to Debbie Jenkins, after she posted a long-forgotten photo of Mike in the private slack group. 

The image has been pixelated to protect Mike’s carefully managed social profile.

It does include a vest and a slit eyebrow🤣.

The 1st VAMO Community Meet-Up has been confirmed 🥳

Having an online community is great but we know to build a really strong community, that helps each other succeed, nothing beats face-to-face meetups every now and then.

So, with that in mind, we've now got our first community meet-up booked!

This isn’t a balls to the wall, throwing up in a bin and embarrassing ourselves "party". It's more of a chilled event, so we can all meet, chat, have a laugh, and get hang out.

Pet Corner 🐱🐶

Finally (and because grumpy Mike threatened to delete pet corner - don’t worry, he hasn’t got access) we wanted to share this very good boy. 

Nick McDonald, a new VAMO member this month, shared him with us. But what is his name Nick? Let us know in the Slack group. 

A group dog walk is defo on the VAMO community road map so we can hang out with them all. 

That’s it for this week. 

We hope you found it useful. 

If you’ve not already, don’t forget to subscribe to our paid community here.

You’ll get all of this: 

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For £150 for the year, it’s a real no-brainer 🧠

See you next week,


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