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Too Old For TikTok? 👴👵

A beginner’s guide to marketing your brand on TikTok

Hey, it’s Mike.

This week's newsletter is for anyone curious about marketing on TikTok but hasn’t a clue where to start. 

  • I share my own views on TikTok. 

  • Speak to two experts on how anyone can start on the platform. 

  • And the team share the results of our own TikTok experiment. 

It’s a 10-minute read. I hope you enjoy it 👇

Question from the community:

“Does anybody use TikTok for their business? Have you seen a decent response? And what sort of content should I be posting? I’d like to use it but I’ve got no idea where to start.“

When this question was asked, I’d never used Tiktok. 

It’s embarrassing enough for my kids that I’m on YouTube, never mind TikTok. 

I did wonder. Had I fallen into the trap of assuming TikTok was just a fad for Generation Z?

As a marketer, have I got a TikTok blindspot? The stats suggest it’s worth my attention.

No video app is on more mobile devices worldwide. 

1 in 4 of TikTok’s millions of users can’t be found on other platforms. 

You don’t have to chase followers to get your content seen on TikTok.

It’s Projected There Will be 15 Million UK TikTok Users in 2025

The people you could potentially sell to, are using Tiktok. 

So, I went and found two experts who were enjoying success on TikTok to see what I was missing. 

I hope you find the answers useful 👇

The full video is for paid subscribers

Mike Winnet