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Your Questions Answered: October Edition

Questions submitted by the Private Community

In this weeks newsletter we’ll be answering all the questions you put to us in the VAMO slack channel.

If you don’t know what the slack channel is or you’ve not got access – this is the place you can ask myself, Dan and our guest experts for our advice and opinions so we can help you get more from your marketing, sales and business.

Joining us this month were Sophie Milliken and Zoe Wilson from Mojo (a PR agency) answering your questions on: Awards, PR, 100% results guaranteed marketing strategies, LinkedIn headlines, launching a podcast and a non-scammy sales process.

It’s a 7 minute read, but well worth it 👇

Q. Should you pay big money for awards? (Markie Reeds)

The full video is for paid subscribers

Q & A
Your questions, answered. A benefit of being part of the private VAMO community is that you get to submit questions for our team to answer, we'll even put them to our guest experts too.
Mike Winnet