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The Parable of the Pizzeria 🍕

Strategies to cut the fat and save money on ad spend

This week I want to share how you can save money on advertising and marketing costs. 

It includes: 

🍕 The parable of the pizzeria

🤑 How Uber discovered 80% of its ad spend was useless

📑 Expert advice on how you can save ad waste in your business

It’s for anyone who wants to understand the basics of running effective ads, or hasn’t yet taken the leap with paid media.  

It’s a 5-minute read 👇

This is not my area of expertise.

Far from it. 

But when my LinkedIn account was deleted, it was our paid ads that kept the lights on. 

Even for small and solo businesses, social ads have become a matter of “when” and not “if”. 

So, I’m a partial convert. 

But I never click on an ad. Not knowingly anyway. 

In this edition, I investigate how much money businesses waste on paid advertising and share some useful strategies that can be used to reduce it. 

I’ve convinced two experts to share advice they’d usually reserve for paid clients, so I hope you find it useful. 

What's wrong with just throwing money at paid ads? 

This is the question I asked Rand Fishkin. 

CEO of SparkToro, Co-Founder of Moz and author of Lost & Founder.

I’d heard him share this story called ‘the parable of the pizzeria’ and it stuck with me, so I reached out, and asked if he’d share it with the VAMO community. 

Rand tells the story himself in the video accompanying this newsletter.  

Here’s how the story goes. 👇

The full video is for paid subscribers

Mike Winnet