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The GET/WHO/TO/BY Strategy

Tips from Executive Producer, Paul Mellor, to Create Successful Marketing Ideas

Picture this: you're sitting in front of your computer, staring at a blank screen, feeling completely uninspired. Sound familiar?

If you’re tired of feeling like your marketing efforts are stuck in a rut, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Loads of clients I've spoken with feel the same way.

With endless demands for content and ever-increasing pressure to stand out from the competition, it's no wonder that so many businesses feel overwhelmed.

That’s why I reached out to Paul Mellor, MD (Master of Decibels) at Mellor and Smith, an ad agency with a long and successful track record in getting brands noticed. 

He charges clients between £30k to £140k for his ideas, so I was pleased when he kindly agreed to take time away from one of his new projects as Executive Producer on the movie Boiling Point, and kindly answer my questions for the VAMO community. It only cost me a coffee and a trip to Manchester. 

We discuss the importance of focusing on a tight brief, and he shares his agency's simple GET/WHO/TO/BY process that you can use to create your own marketing ideas. 

Thanks for sharing Paul. 

It’s a 10-minute watch or read.  I hope you take some value from it 👇

The full video is for paid subscribers

Mike Winnet