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The 6 Step Sales Closing Technique (that anyone can use) 💸

I want to show you how I close sales.

In today's issue, I want to show you how I close sales. If you can master this formula (and anyone can) you’ll get better at sales and make more money. 

The problem is most people don’t like to sell.  

But if you don’t sell your sh*t, you won’t be in business for long. 

This one is for anyone who struggles to close deals, or feels sleazy when selling their product or services. 

It’s a 6 minute watch or read 👇

When someone says they hate sales, usually what they really mean is they don’t want to be salesy. 

But you don’t have to be salesy to sell. 

If selling makes you feel sleazy, you’re doing it wrong. 

Your goal isn’t to persuade or trick someone to buy. 

It’s to help them make a decision.

I’ve closed millions using a simple technique built around asking questions. 

If you’ve not tried this style of selling, I want you to give it a go. But before you do, you need the right mindset.  

I want you to forget selling for a moment and leave behind all the negative connotations associated with that word.   

Instead, you’re going to have a conversation that helps you to understand the prospect's problems and see if you can help them. 

When you get the prospect to talk, closing becomes easier. 

There are different ways to close, and different books and gurus share their own systems. But this is the system I use during my sales calls. 

#1 Clarify the Need 

They’re on a call with you for a reason. Find out why. 

“Why did you book a chat with me today?”

You want to uncover their goals and why they are important. You can’t sell to someone who doesn’t have a ‘why’.  

At this point, remember that you don’t need to sell to them. You can say “no”. If they’re not the right fit, or you get the sense they’ll be a difficult client, now’s your chance to ditch them. 

#2 Label the Problem

Most people make the mistake of talking about what they do at this stage. 

“Great, we specialise in selling X”

Stop talking about your product or service, instead, think about what problems your prospect is struggling with. 

They’re speaking to you, so it stands to reason they have unresolved issues. 

Alex Hormozi calls this identifying the enemy.

“Without identifying the enemy, you cannot win the war”
Alex Hormozi

It’s an elaborate ‘bro culture’ way of saying that you should identify what they’re struggling with and what’s not working.  

“I’m guessing you’ve tried x, y and z and it isn’t working, is that right?”


“A lot of our clients say that despite having x solution, they still suffer from y, does that piss you off too?”

“Take them to a place where they get to vent”
Benjamin Dennehy

Get the prospect to vent about problems you know they’ll be facing (the problems that your product or service fixes better than anyone else). 

#3 Discuss Previous Solutions and Explain Why They Didn’t Work 

Next, I want you to ask the prospect what they’ve tried to fix these problems in the past. 

Your goal is to encourage them to talk about all their failures. 

As they do, you can position yourself as the solution by identifying why they didn’t work. 

When I’m selling YouTube packages, the conversation typically goes like this: 

Me: “So, what have you tried so far?”

Prospect: “We made some videos in-house but nobody watches them” 

Me: “Ok, so there are typically 3 reasons why people don’t watch. Your content was too general, the quality was poor, or you’ve not tagged the content so the algorithm can find it”.

This builds credibility and I can now offer a solution that does fix their problem. 

#4 Sell Results 

This is your chance to demonstrate you know what you’re on about. 

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Mike Winnet