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Say Goodbye to Sleepy CTAs

A Proven Strategy for Creating Attention-Grabbing Calls-to-Action

Have you ever heard of a call to action? It's basically something you say at the end of your content to encourage your audience to take action.

You know, like "click the link below to learn more" or "subscribe to our newsletter for updates."

But let me ask you, how many CTAs have actually made you take action recently? I'll be honest, I can't remember the last time I clicked on one.

I think a lot of us are guilty of lazily slapping a link to our company page at the bottom of a post on social media. It's like we think our audience will just magically know what to do next. But the truth is, if we want people to take action, we need to be more creative with our CTAs.

In this newsletter, I'm going to share a 3-step formula I’ve stolen from a YouTube script writer, and show you can use it to create CTAs that work.

It’s a 4-min watch or 7 min read 👇

Breaking Free from the 'SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON' Trap

Do you remember back in the day when every YouTuber would scream "SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON" at the end of their videos? 

It eventually became a tired trend. And lost its value because everyone was doing it.

And that's the thing with CTAs. If we're all using the same tired old phrases, they're not going to stand out. We need to be creative, innovative, and intentional with our calls to action. 

We need to give our audience a reason to take action.

How I Use Call to Actions in My Own Content

In my latest posts on LinkedIn, I've been experimenting with different CTAs. Sometimes I'll incentivise my audience to repost the post, tag someone, or leave a comment.

The full video is for paid subscribers

Mike Winnet