We're joined by Ash Jones, the mastermind behind a new wave of industry leader.


These days, CEOs have gone from nameless suits to influential celebrity leaders. And when we think of big personalities, in the context of business, they all have one thing in common.


Some call it the x-factor but whatever the definition, we can all usually agree when someone has it. And when they’re more boring than a falafel wrap.

In this episode, we wanted to explore how important charisma is, when it comes to business owners and leaders. Is it just something you’re born with? Or can it be taught, or faked even?

We’re joined by the perfect guest to help us answer those questions.

Ash Jones is the founder of personal branding specialist, Great Influence.

He’s the mastermind behind a new wave of industry leaders which includes Steven Bartlett, Gary Neville, and Carrie Rose.

We asked him why his clients value personal brand so much.

Do they put themselves out there because it allows them to build businesses and gain power and influence in their sector, or is it more to do with ego and fame?

And we talk about managed personal brands, and why they can sometimes go wrong.

Ash had some really interesting thoughts and stories to share.

We hope you enjoy it.

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