The Rule of 3️⃣

A simple method to launch a new service so it doesn’t flop

Hey, It’s Mike 👋 

In this week's paid subscriber edition, I’m replying to a question put forward in the VAMO private Slack community. If you’ve got a question about sales, marketing or growing following (or anything else stressing you out at work) send it in and I’ll get you an answer.  

This week's question was focused on launching a new service. 

Even if you’ve got an established business, chances are you will need to launch a new product or service at some point (we’ve all been pivoting our arses off over the past two years especially). 

In this newsletter, I share a simple method I use whenever we want to launch something brand new. 

This one is a 7-minute read. 

I hope you enjoy it

Q: What are the best strategies for inbound lead generation for a new service?

Should I focus on paid adverts (LinkedIn) promoting free webinars targeting pain points to build trust and show competence? Then use the email lists generated to drip feed them emails. 

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Mike Winnet