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How to get a corporate cash injection 🤑

A formal process anyone can use to sell to organisations

I want to encourage you to target budget holders, especially if you’ve never sold to corporates. 

Here’s what to expect:  

🎯 Why you should target budget holders 

🤑 5 step framework to sell any product or service to corporations 

📑 1 simple trick you can implement straight away 

This was a game changer for my own business, a business that recently re-sold for 1 billion. 

I hope you find it helpful. 

It’s an 8-minute read or you can watch the video if you prefer 👇

Q: With the economy taking a tumble do you think businesses should target people who may not have to worry about the crunch?

Yes. Because it’s easier to spend money when it isn’t your own. 

As we buckle our business pants and ready ourselves for recession. It makes sense to target budgets. 

Specifically, budget holders at corporations who are unlikely to go bump. 

Trust me. Nail this and your business (if your service or product is good) will fly. 

There are a lot of opportunities right now. 

Why? Because companie

s are spending more than ever on external service providers. 

If you’re unsure how to make the switch - this newsletter will fix that. 

To help us out, I convinced Jessica Lorimer, who hosts the Selling to Corporate podcast, and has 14 years of selling B2B under her belt, to tell us how. 

Below, she shares her five-step framework, as well as a ‘quick win’ to get a corporate cash injection into your business. 

The full video is for paid subscribers

Mike Winnet